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Our Philosophy

IPEX has a healthy respect for the investment markets and cautions clients against over-emphasizing return at the expense of under-emphasizing risk.


The mantra that IPEX conveys to its clients is simple, DIVERSIFY. We strongly believe that diversifying among asset classes is one of the best tools to control risk.


IPEX considers an account’s asset allocation more important than its investment vehicles. By the same token we consider strategic or long-term allocation more important than tactical or short-term allocation, although there is often a place in a portfolio for both approaches.


We pride ourselves on being prudent. Being prudent, however, does not mean being passive. IPEX practices pro-active and collaborative consulting. We often make creative recommendations and propose innovative changes to an investment program.


IPEX strives to educate our clients as to the potential risks and rewards associated with any investment strategy. We help our clients to realize their goals and objectives by encouraging them to remain disciplined and to act logically, not emotionally, regardless of the market environment.